Legal and TOS (Terms of Service)

Due to fraudulent buyers we automatically decline all disputes and claims in PayPal if you have not made an attempt to contact our support and waited at least 10 business days (Monday through Friday) for a response.
Your usage of the RedScrape service
RedScrape is a service for scraping search results from the Google search engine. Submitting Google scrapes on any illegal topic may subject your account to immediate termination without the possibility of obtaining a refund.
Support and Your Subscription
Our support exists to answer questions and handle refunds. If you use the PayPal dispute system before contacting support and waiting the alotted 10 business days for a response to your ticket, we will consider it fraudulent and dispute it. Your refund will also be automatically voided in our system for unnecessary disputes and your account on our service permanently disabled.
Subscription Cancellations
Subscription renewals have a 1 day refund policy. It is your responsibility to cancel or notify us if you do not wish to renew or have been charged by mistake.
If you choose to cancel your subscription before your next billing date, either through contacting support or via your account settings on PayPal, you will retain access to the service until the next billing date.
Your account and subscription on the RedScrape service are subject to termination at any time for any reason, with a refund for the most recent subscription payment issued at the discretion of the RedScrape team.
Terms of Subscription Renewal
Monthly RedScrape Subscriptions automatically renew each month at the price the buyer locked in until the subscription buyer notifies the company that they wish to cancel. If you fail to notify us we will not cancel your subscription you will continue to be charged. You can also cancel your subscription via PayPal by following this guide
Customer Service
If you have questions or comments regarding RedScrape or your subscription please contact us via email at